College Partying Tips for Serious College Students

Last Updated on October 24, 2012

High school students and their parents know about college parties. In fact, many are looking forward to these events. While college is all about getting ahead in life by earning a degree, every student will attend parties every now and then, whether they planned on going or not. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy college life and still enjoy those awesome parties.

Duties First

Parties are great, as long as they don’t interfere with your studies. But arranging your schedule to accommodate several parties over the weekend is tricky if you have a ton of things to do – papers, homework, reviewing – the next week. If a party is on and everyone’s going, check whether you’re going to make it when it comes to your homework. If the schedule is too tight, you can limit your partying and go home early. Or, you can choose to attend another party and pass on this one. You won’t have to look far to find a good event to attend when your schedule is more forgiving.

Know the Rules

Even if your folks aren’t around to police what you’re doing, you should be responsible enough to learn the rules before you have your fun. School rules on dormitory curfews, visiting hours, underage drinking, loitering and vandalism are worth knowing because you never know when you might be tempted to break them. While some of your peers would tell you that those rules are “for show” and everyone’s doing it anyway, you can never depend on hearsay. Always make sure you know your boundaries, and you have a buddy or two that feels the same way about following rules.

If you’re of legal age, drinking is allowed. But just because you are allowed to drink doesn’t mean you have to do it excessively. Some hangovers last for more than a few days, especially when you’re not used to the taste. Also, there is such a thing as alcohol allergy, which could cause serious conditions like rashes and breathing problems. The problem is, you won’t know if you’re allergic to certain types of alcohol or not until you try it and see the results. So, it’s best to nurse a glass or a bottle for a few hours, instead of downing a few in an hour.

Have a Time Keeper

A time keeper is a friend or a roommate who takes note of what time you left for the party and what time you will return. Always inform someone about your intention to attend a party, like your RA, a classmate or your roommate. Write down the location of the party, an include details like which organization is throwing the party, and who you’re going with. Have the hotline number of your school’s security office on speed dial, just in case you need help getting home or you have no way of making it home without another person’s assistance.

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