5 Good Reasons for High Schoolers to Consider Going to College

Last Updated on October 31, 2012

Some high school seniors are on the fence about attending college for several reasons, and the financial aspect of attending is just a part of it. In every state, there are some job opportunities for high school graduates, making the option of going for a job rather than a college degree more attractive. But a college education should always be a priority for every high school student, and here are some reasons why.

1. More Job Opportunities

If you think there are plenty of jobs for high school graduates, think of all the windows of opportunities that will open for someone with a college degree. The way things are now in the economic arena, companies are more selective when it comes to investing on manpower. There are plenty of jobs for qualified individuals, and a college degree qualifies you to apply for these jobs. While finding the best scholarships and grants is hard work, and you may not get the best financial aid around from your chosen college, everything’s worth it if you can land a good job that pays better than anything a high school graduate could get his or her hands on.

2. Career Guidance

Your college will also play a big role in finding your employment prospects. Most universities do their best to provide more job-training programs for their undergraduates, as well as provide career guidance. Universities are also supportive of hobby groups that encourage students to think outside the box and contribute more to the community. Having successful graduates would, after all, benefit the school in the future. Most universities rely on endowments from successful alumni to raise funds, so they’re likely to do their part in helping their graduates find the best jobs.

3. The College Experience

Many people would tell you that they wouldn’t trade their college experience for anything. Simply put, many college graduates think fondly of their years in the university because they loved every minute of it. While things were definitely difficult because of all the rigorous studying, they got to meet lifelong friends. Going now would save you from all the regret later when you hear someone talking about his or her college life and you couldn’t contribute anything to the discussion because you didn’t go.

4. Personal and Professional Sense of Security

Any industry is very competitive right now, especially when scaling the company’s hierarchy involves merit. We’ve all heard of stories where a high school graduate couldn’t get promoted to a higher position no matter how hard he worked just because of his educational status. While others have transcended this limitation and managed to do well with only a high school diploma, you would feel more secure about your capacity to rise in rank within the company if you have a college degree.

5. You Won’t Have Time for College Later On

Many colleges are now accepting older students, which could give you the idea to let go of college for a while in favor of an opportunity to join the workforce as soon as possible. But think of why these older adults are going back to school in the first place. Going to college when you’re older means you have to juggle your studies along with all the other responsibilities you will have. It is best to attend college straight from high school, while your mind is still idealistic, pure and receptive to everything, and while it’s easier to get financial support from various sources, like your folks and charitable organizations.

Photo credit: Hampton University

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