Charleston Lee is Paine College’s Youngest Graduate at Age 17

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Charleston Lee is Paine College’s Youngest Graduate at Age 17

A sweet gift on Mother's Day, Paine College professor Kimberly Baxter-Lee is the mother of Charleston Lee and is certainly proud of her daughter's accomplishments.

“I brought Charleston home on Christmas day, that was my Christmas gift– back in 2004. And here we go repeating another great gift on Mother's Day.”

Kimberly Baxter-Lee

The graduate's grandmother, who is also a Paine College graduate, was there for her special day alongside the rest of her family and cheering section. Morehouse STEM Student Awarded Buick Scholarship and $25,000 Per Year

While Charleston Lee follows a legacy, she wanted people to know her for “Charlie,” as she created her own path at the institution.

“As I got older, during homecoming, then I wanted to be known as ‘you know, oh yeah I'm related to them' but, I wanted to get my own footing first before I connected gaps.”

Charleston Lee

Lee began her collegiate route by taking dual enrollment courses at age 12 and eventually tested out of her high school career– beginning college at 14.

“I still didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I had that background information from taking dual enrollment classes at 12.”

Charleston Lee

Charleston Lee's mother says she knew what she wanted from a young age.

“Charleston has always been just a unique kid back when she was, maybe, 10 or 11 she knew she did not want to go to school anymore. So, I said you have to go to school, she said ‘well Martin Luther king got out of school at 15, why can't I?'”

Kimberly Baxter-Lee

Lee plans on attending Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a Masters of Science Degree.

For other people her age, Charleston Lee says college is just the first step.

Source: Paine College News Desk

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