Can Your College Romance Last Forever?

Last Updated on October 25, 2013

Meeting the love of your life in college is a heady experience. You have so many things in common and you just seem to click. You're always together and there's no doubt in anyone's mind that you're an item.

You see yourself spending the years ahead with your college sweetheart, and becoming one of the couples that met in college and never let go. You see yourself telling your children and grandchildren how you and your beloved met in the library, the cafeteria or the student council headquarters.

On the flip side, there are those couples that fell in love during their college years yet drifted apart as soon as they got to “real life”. After graduation, one partner wanted to go back home, while the other wanted to start anew in another city. Goals have changed, maybe because family or community obligations had more weight than the couple realized in the beginning.

But what if knowing all these, you're willing to give it a try because regardless of how surreal college romances seem to be you think yours has the potential to work out for the long term? Here are some thoughts on college relationships and some ideas on how to build a relationship that lasts forever with your college sweetheart.

Enjoy the Present But Prepare for the Future

While you're in college, everything's easier. You're bound to see each other every day because you attend a few classes together, or you both live inside the campus. You have common friends that egg you on during the initial phase of the relationship, and this same circle of friends acts as your support group when you're having relationship issues. It's great to enjoy your college life with your inspiration right by your side. You're both supportive of each other's dreams and you promise to always be there for each other.

But things aren't as simple when you become too busy or when your studies take your mind off the bliss of being a couple. As graduation looms closer for one or both of you, changes are bound to occur.

Accepting that things won't always be the same is the key to coping with these changes. When you couldn't see each other as often as you like because of internships, part time jobs and exams, cut each other some slack. In the future, you're going to have to deal with the same things. You'll have to make do with what little time you can spare to be together.

How to Avoid Growing Apart

You met each other when you're both bursting with the potential to get far in life. You can freely share your dreams with each other. While in college, you're on the same page about one thing: succeeding in your field and looking forward to a good life ahead. But what if you encounter setbacks, or your dreams take you in different directions?

Maintain communication, even if you have to make do with the label of “just friends” again to keep things simple. Don't feel threatened by distance or other diversions. If you continue to be each other's main support, you can keep the romance going, no matter how long it takes for you to fully commit to a life together.

Relationships that started in college are not that much different from those that started in high school, in post-grad school or after graduation. If the relationship can survive change, you can expect it to last for the long term.

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