Bill Gates Scholarship: How to Apply Online for 2014

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Presenter Ryan Davis speaks at the podium at the 2013 Gates Millennium (Bill Gates Scholarship) Freshman Leadership Conference at the Marriott in Virginia.
Photo courtesy of Gates Millennium Scholars
Each year the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation selects 1,000 talented individuals to receive the Bill Gates scholarship – a life-changing financial gift which supports college students until their graduation. Gates Scholars can use the funds received through the Gates Millennium Scholars Program at the college or university of their choice and the support of this scholarship allows students to focus on their studies and their future free of financial burdens.

Scholarship Details

The 2014 application deadline of January 15th is fast approaching which means that you should begin working on your application today. An important part of the application process involves selecting the teachers, coaches and mentors who you’d like to recommend you for the Bill Gates scholarship. These individuals are sure to have a busy schedule and they will need time to write thoughtful recommendations so it’s important to reach out to them early, guaranteeing that they have sufficient time to gather their thoughts and offer you the heartfelt, polished recommendation you deserve.

All applicants for the 2014 Bill Gates scholarship should apply online via The Gates Millennium Scholars website. Applicants and their references are required to register for an online account before logging in to access and complete the application forms.

How to Guarantee a Quality Recommendation

Once you approach the teachers and/or coaches who you’d like to recommend you for the Bill Gates scholarship you should email them with the URL of the account registration page. Be sure to include your registration ID number. Remind your teachers of the application deadline (Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 11:59PM EST) in this email and if you sense that he or she is swamped with work it’s a good idea to reiterate your appreciation once a week as a gentle reminder to complete the recommendation as soon as possible (their good will is no good if they miss the deadline).

When you email your teacher it’s a good idea to include a few lines to remind the person recommending you why you chose them for this important role (for example: “Without your support and guidance I never would have had the courage to take on such a leadership role on last year’s JV Basketball team”). A short sentence or two like this is a great way to remind your coach or teacher how much you’ve grown (they can write about that in your recommendation!) and I promise that giving your appreciation a voice will make your teacher or coach eager to return the favor with a glowing endorsement for the Bill Gates scholarship.

Why the Bill Gates Scholarship?

While there are a number of competitive college and university scholarships that you should apply for to help offset the financial burden of higher education, the recipients of the Bill Gates scholarship receive an unparalleled level of support through leadership programs and academic mentoring. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is known for successfully seeing things through and this scholarship is no exception. That’s one more reason why the Bill Gates scholarship is one you should consider applying to … as a Gates Millennium Scholar you’ll receive more than financial assistance – you’ll join a multifaceted support network which is determined to help you succeed personally, academically and professionally.

Click HERE to learn more about applying for the 2014 Bill Gates scholarship and to learn about some of the schools recent winners are attending take a look at the Gates Millennium Scholar profiles.

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