Apartments for Rent: Essential Resources for College Students

African American college student in glasses is using a laptop holding a mug and smiling while searching for apartments for rent.Moving off campus can be a challenging process. Whether you’re an experienced renter or you’re looking for your first apartment, these apartments for rent tips will help you find the perfect home!

The Best Apartment Finder: Using On Campus Resources For Off Campus Housing

Many college students find apartments for rent on websites like Craigslist or Apartment Finder, where they compete with other students, families, and seniors for affordable rentals. Instead of fighting for your dream apartment, take advantage of your school’s off campus housing department. They will have a list of apartments and property management companies that work directly with college students.

Renting Studio Apartments

Because of their low prices and boundless privacy, studios are popular choice for college students. Unfortunately, the high demand for studio apartments could keep you from finding the right rental. Many of your peers will be searching for the same options, and those apartments won’t stay on the market for long.

If you want to rent a studio, you should submit your application as soon as an apartment becomes available. Schedule an appointment to see the property, and bring your paystubs, credit report, cosigner information, and a completed application when you meet the landlord. If you show them that you are serious about renting their unit, they will bump your application to the top of the list.

Finding Cheap Apartments For Rent

When students search for cheap apartments, they often look at buildings that are located in bad neighborhoods. Those students sign up for affordable monthly payments, but after a few months the property damage, health risks, and safety concerns usually force them to leave.

Instead of renting a cheap apartment, look for properties in safe neighborhoods that are close to campus. When you submit your application, talk with the landlord about opportunities to lower your rent. If you sign a 6-12 month lease, avoid pets, or apply with a cosigner, many landlords would be willing to lower your rate.

Using Apartment Reviews To Make Your Final Choice

After you’ve looked at apartments and found your ideal home, you still need to do some research. Your favorite apartment could have significant structural, safety, and community concerns, and you want to learn as much as possible before you move in. To avoid any surprises, look at online reviews of your apartment building. Websites like Apartment Ratings and Yelp allow you to read through tenant reviews so that you can make an informed choice.

Signing Your Apartment Lease

After your application has been approved and you’ve made your final choice, your landlord may ask you to sign a lease for the apartment. Make sure you know your rental term, what you are expected to pay for, what your landlord is expected to pay for, any potential rent increases, and the terms for breaking your lease. Once you’ve addressed any concerns and signed the lease, you’ll finally have the keys to your own apartment!

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