HBCUs Among the Top US Colleges that Rank for Academic Stewardship

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In response to Malcolm Gladwell’s investigation of possible bias against schools that work hard to create opportunities for students who face financial challenges, AcademicInfluence.com released its rankings for colleges & universities that excel in Academic Stewardship. While Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) have until now been unfairly neglected or downgraded in the most prominent college rankings, Academic Influence found that HBCUs ranked among the top of schools that effectively manage their financial and human resources to gain the influence that makes them academically excellent.

“The upshot is that many of the schools that rank highly in academic stewardship are HBCUs as well as those in smaller towns and rural areas, which might otherwise lead some people to overlook them in favor of so-called ‘elite’ schools…But we show why the smart use of an institution’s resources through committed investment in students who need more from their school is a better measure of excellence. This is why we want to bring attention to academic stewardship and the schools that exemplify this virtue.”

Dr. Jed Macosko, Academic Director of AcademicInfluence.com and Wake Forest University Professor of Physics

The list includes:

The 50 Best Colleges and Universities by Academic Stewardship

The top 20 ranked schools for Academic Stewardship, listed alphabetically:

  • Beloit College (Beloit, Wis.)
  • Bennington College (Bennington, Vt.)
  • Dillard University (New Orleans, La.)
  • Earlham College (Richmond, Ind.)
  • Fisk University (Nashville, Tenn.)
  • Goshen College (Goshen, Ind.)
  • Hampshire College (Amherst, Mass.)
  • Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, Calif.)
  • Hollins University (Roanoke, Va.)
  • Houghton College (Houghton, N.Y.)
  • Menlo College (Atherton, Calif.)
  • New College of Florida (Sarasota, Fla.)
  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Socorro, N.M.)
  • Olivet College (Olivet, Mich.)
  • Reed College (Portland, Ore.)
  • Rust College (Holly Springs, Miss.)
  • Tougaloo College (Tougaloo, Miss.)
  • University of Jamestown (Jamestown, N.D.)
  • Wiley College (Marshall, Texas)
  • William Jewell College (Liberty, Mo.)

To view all 50 schools in final ranking order—and to see additional schools beyond the top 50—visit the link above.

AcademicInfluence.com rankings for Academic Stewardship outperform other ranking sites because of its proprietary InfluenceRanking™ Engine—an innovative machine-learning technology that measures a school’s influence through its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. By analyzing massive data sources such as Wikipedia, Crossref, and Semantic Scholar, the InfluenceRanking Engine creates a map of academic influence that provides students with better rankings for a better education. See the AcademicInfluence.com About page for further details on the unique capabilities and advantages of this ranking technology.

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Source: AcademicInfluence.com, PR Newswire

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