5 Factors for Deciding If Your High Schooler Needs Tutoring

Last Updated on August 2, 2014

Do you have a high schooler in the family? If yes then you should know by now just how hectic and demanding most of their classes are. Many high school students find it hard to cope with the demands of school that they oftentimes fail in some of their subjects. Worse, others simply drop out of their classes because they’re too much for them to handle. As a parent, it is your duty to help your child finish high school by showing your support and concern for them.

One of the easiest and most practical means to help your high schooler cope with high school is by getting him or her a tutor. But how can you tell if he or she needs help? Here are five factors for deciding if your high schooler needs academic tutoring:

  1. Poor academic performance – the most obvious factor is your child’s grades. You can easily tell if he or she needs a tutor the moment you receive the report card. A poor or failing grade is a sure sign your child needs a tutor.
  2. Poor study habit – have you observed your child’s study habit? If he or she doesn’t exert much effort to open his or her book, work on assigned tasks, and submit projects, a tutor can help change all that. The tutor can guide your highschooler regarding schoolwork to ensure he or she studies lessons and pass all requirements on time.
  3. Too much involvement in extracurricular activities – if your child is very active in school clubs or sports, he or she may need a tutor. Joining such organizations can make your high schooler too tired or too busy to study. Having a tutor can help him or her keep up especially with what he or she missed in class.
  4. Absenteeism – a high schooler who is often absent in class due to sickness or from cutting classes needs a tutor. It’s because he or she needs more time and assistance to learn the lessons he or she missed.
  5. Parents are too busy – just because high schoolers are viewed as more mature and responsible learners don’t mean you should let them study on their own. The fact is they need you more than ever. But what if you have a regular job that eats up most of your time? For sure you won’t be able to give the necessary help to your child. The best thing to do is hire a tutor to follow up your child’s progress in high school. A tutor can check assignments, review lessons, and help your child with other schoolwork.

Parents must be responsible enough to check on their high schooler’s academic performance. Don’t wait to hire a tutor when it is already too late.

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