The 1st HBCU Figure Skating Team Launches at Howard University

Last Updated on November 6, 2023

Howard University Figure Skating Team poses at firm meeting.

Strap in, folks—Howard University just flipped the script with its newest crew, the HBCU Figure Skating Team. They're gliding into the spotlight, bringing a whole new vibe to campus athletics, and let me tell you, it's not just about the spin—it's about the story.

Icebreakers of Howard

Picture this: two Howard students, Maya James and Cheyenne Walker, vibing to the idea of a figure skating team where there wasn't one. They saw a stark rink waiting for some flavor and said, “Bet, let's do this.” So, they started crafting this narrative, bringing some serious game to the ice.

Crafting the Dream, One Skate at a Time

They started recruiting, and soon enough, the team was a mosaic of majors and backgrounds—a bio major who'd never laced up, a poli-sci enthusiast who could already finesse a double toe loop, and a psych major ready to analyze the mechanics of a perfect spiral.

The Numbers Game

Here's a stat that'll make you pause: according to US Figure Skating, a mere two percent of figure skating fans are African-American. But our squad at Howard? They're pushing those numbers, bringing a whole new demographic to the fanbase.

A Squad Like No Other

This isn't just any team; it's a community. They're not just sharing ice time; they're sharing beats, laughs, and the kind of camaraderie that turns a group of individuals into a force to be reckoned with.

The New Cool in College Sports

When Howard steps onto the ice, it's a whole new ballgame—or should we say, ice game? The HBCU figure skating team is serving up some serious stats, like the fact that they're the first of their kind in the nation. Talk about setting trends.

Goals on and off the Ice

These skaters are looking beyond the rink. They're here to leave a mark, aiming to inspire and challenge the status quo. With every practice and performance, they're rewriting what it means to be an athlete at an HBCU College.

Join the HBCU Figure Skating Team Movement

Whether you're about that rink life or just down to cheer from the stands, the first HBCU figure skating team is calling your name. Follow their journey, from early morning practices to the thrill of competition, and be a part of the narrative that's changing the game.

So here's the scoop on the HBCU Figure Skating Team at Howard University. They're more than just athletes; they're trailblazers, making moves that matter. With every glide, they're challenging perceptions, and with every jump, they're landing new opportunities.

For an inside look at this icy revolution, check out U.S. Figure Skating's insider article on Howard's game-changing team.

The Howard University HBCU Figure Skating Team is all about that action—on the ice and in the stats. They're the talk of the town, the buzz on campus, and the fresh face of collegiate sports. Ready to ride this wave? Keep your eyes on this crew because they're just getting started, and they're bringing everyone along for the ride. It's time to get your skate on and join the story that's setting Howard on fire—ice fire, that is.

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