Dillard’s SAFE Fund Receives a $2.5 Million Anonymous Donation

Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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Dillard University has received a gift of $2.5 million from an anonymous donor. The donation will support the University’s SAFE (Student Aid for Financial Emergencies) Fund.  This is the second gift from the donor this year.  The first one provided $250,000 for the same purpose and has already assisted several students.

“This incredible support will assist many of our students to get to the finish line with their degrees in hand…We are grateful for the support of the donor who has been so generous to Dillard.”

Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Dillard’s president

“This gift to the SAFE Fund will enable over 200 students to earn their Dillard degrees…Relieving their financial stress is one of our main goals and this gift goes a very long way in helping us help our students. We are immensely grateful to the donor for this amazing gift.”

Dr. Marc Barnes, Dillard’s vice president for the Division of Institutional Advancement

In 2013, recognizing a need to provide assistance for students who are in jeopardy of not returning or not graduating, Dr. Walter Kimbrough created the SAFE fund. The sole purpose of SAFE is to provide financial assistance to Dillard University students who are at risk of not attending or not graduating due to an unpaid balance. The SAFE fund is supported only through Dillard’s faithful friends, alumni, and foundations who believe in the mission of Dillard University and are dedicated to assisting students to achieve higher education. 

Eligibility Requirements

GPA: 2.0+ MAJOR: Open

GRADE LEVEL: Open VALUE: Maximum Award not to exceed $5,000 for the academic year (depending on balance)

Other Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must have an unpaid balance due to the institution and have no other readily available sources of support as determined by the university’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. All eligible Title IV programs must be exhausted before SAFE is considered (Note: A dependent student’s parent must apply for the PLUS before a student can be considered).
  • Students whose parent is denied the PLUS will be given consideration.
  • Students with a demonstrated high need (based on the FAFSA results) will be given preference.

Funds will be utilized to help cover a student’s balance after all other federal, state, institutional, and external aid has been exhausted. In most cases, SAFE will not cover 100% of a student’s balance. Under no circumstance shall a student receive a refund that is a result of SAFE funds being awarded. If an adjustment to cost/fees occurs, or if an additional scholarship or funding (award) is added to the student’s award package (i.e. Federal Work-Study, Student Loans, Pell Grant, etc.) and the award(s) create a refund, then all SAFE funds must be canceled, returned or reduced dollar-for-dollar.

About Dillard University

Dillard University is a historically Black institution that cultivates leaders who live ethically, think and communicate precisely, and act courageously to make the world a better place. Located in New Orleans, Dillard is a private faith-based liberal arts university that offers 22 majors and two certificate programs. Founded in 1869, Dillard is Louisiana’s oldest HBCU, born from the union of Straight College and New Orleans University.

Find out more about Dillard's Financial Aid & Scholarships by visiting https://dillard.edu/financialaid/index.php.

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