How to Vote as a College Student

Last Updated on September 25, 2012

The election season is in full swing. If you are a college student or soon to be college student, and will not be physically voting at a voting station in your state or local municipality, you will need to vote in absentia.

To vote in absentia means you will be voting through the use of an absentee ballot. It is important to know, before you can vote via absentee ballot, you must be a registered voter in the place of your primary residency (state, municipality, parish, borough).

The big election for the President will be held on November 6th. The one election day when millions of Americans will be exercising their ‘right’ to vote.

[messagebox title=”How Do I Get To Vote Via Absentee Ballot?“]
To vote via absentee ballot, you must first request an application for an absentee ballot from the Elections Department located in the area of your primary residency (local government). Most Elections Departments are fairly efficient and will allow you to request the application on-line. Otherwise, you can visit for a state-by-state Absentee Ballot Guide. This useful guide includes: important deadlines, step-by-step instructions and FAQs. [/messagebox]

[messagebox title=”How Far In Advance Should I Request An Application?“]
You should request your absentee ballot via application not less than one month prior to the election date. The sooner the better. Do not procrastinate. Complete and return the application as soon as possible after you receive the document. An efficient Elections Department will send you an absentee ballot within a few days after reviewing you application.[/messagebox]

[messagebox title=”How Soon Should I Mail the Absentee Ballot?“]
Again do not procrastinate. Read the instructions for completing the ballot. Cast your vote, sign the ballot and promptly return the ballot via mail.[/messagebox]

[messagebox title=”How Often Can I Use The Absentee Ballot?“]
If it appears that you will be away at school when most elections will be held in your primary municipality or voting district, you can request to be placed on an ‘automatic’ mailing list to receive absentee ballots. [/messagebox]

Keep in mind, most municipalities require that your absentee ballot be postmarked before the close of the polls on election day. Avoid the hassle, Mail your absentee ballot several days before the election.

You have earned the right to vote. Exercise Your Right!

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