How Parents can Cope with Their Child Leaving for College

Last Updated on July 5, 2018

How Parents Can Cope with Their Child Leaving for College

Leaving for college doesn't only affect the students but also their parents. It is the first time too for their mom and dad to be away from their grown up children. Surely there's pressure on their side as well and adjusting to this new phase in their lives can be as challenging and emotional on their part who have seen their kids grow before their eyes.

But parents need not worry about their child leaving for college especially if they trust their child to do the right thing especially now that they will be miles apart. As for parents, here are some easy ways on how to cope with the reality that your child is soon leaving you for college:

Keep communication lines open

If there's one thing parents will miss about their child it has to be his or her presence inside the house. Just imagine not having your child share meals with you or help you with the daily chores can surely bring tears in your eyes. But there's a remedy for this. All you have to do is to stay in close contact with your child. Do you have your email or social media account? Having one can keep you up to date with your child's activities and whereabouts. Of course, there's the phone. You can set up a time for you to talk to each other over the phone say once or twice a week. Most importantly, make your child feel your presence by sending gifts during special occasions or wishing him or her luck during exams.

Keep yourself busy

This is one of the tested and proven ways on how to cope with your child leaving for college. Many parents know better than to stay inside the house and think of their child being away from them. You can have a new hobby or join a new group in your community. These activities can keep your mind off your child even for only a few hours. Plus it will be fun learning something different for a change. Consider this as your treat to yourself.

Stay positive

If you always think of negative things then you'll never get over the fact that your child is now an adult and has to leave your protective wings. You have to think positively. Bear in mind that your child is off to college not because he or she wants to be as far from you as possible but because he or she has a dream that needs to be achieved. Also, remember that this is not only for your child's future but he or she also wants you to be proud.

It's always difficult to be away from your beloved child once he or she is in college. But there are many things you can do to avoid moping around the house and feeling lonely. Don't worry because once you get used to it, you'll realize it's easy to cope with situations like this.

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