Healthy Care Package Ideas for College Students

Last Updated on August 1, 2013

Healthy Care Package for College Students

A care package can be manna from heaven for college students low in funds and eager to receive something from home. Here are some ideas for family members assembling a care package for a student living in a college dorm.


College students are bursting with energy, but they're also under so much stress that burn outs happen. Lack of sleep time, imbalances in nutrition and unfamiliar weather in the area could lead to illness. The worst scenario is getting sick right when the exams are ongoing and everyone in the dorm is infected. Any student with weakened resistance to disease can get infected repeatedly and miss all his or her exams. A care package should contain vitamin supplements that can help build a person's resistance to the flu virus. Vitamins that contain more than ascorbic acid may also improve memory and endurance, important to students that excel in both academics and athletics.

First Aid

A student realizes just how different the new environment is from home when he couldn't just grab a band aid or an antiseptic from the medical cabinet. First aid items like band-aids and wound cleansers are important to a student who would rather buy sustenance than invest on these things. There's always the nearby hospital or the dorm infirmary, of course, but anyone would feel foolish walking into the emergency room to get a small paper cut treated. A first aid kit may also contain cough medicines, allergy tablets and analgesics.

Home Remedies

Every dorm student has health-related habits that seem peculiar to others, but these habits have been developed from home and are precious to the student. A cup of tea with a dollop of honey may be the staple before-bed drink at home. Someone could be scrubbing a piece of aloe vera leaf on an insect bite just because his or her grandma stands by this method as the best way to keep the swelling down. Whatever the case, a student should be able to get hold of these home remedies in his or her new home. These things keep homesickness at bay and are excellent morale boosters.


You may not know it, but your college student may be using soap to wash his or her hair because his supply of shampoo has run out. Soap can be used to wash the scalp and may even work better, but still, receiving shampoo sachets can make any college student smile, especially if he or she is on a tight budget. Lotions and creams also come in small tubes, and can easily fit inside a narrow parcel. If the weather in the area is dry to moderately humid, always include lip balm to keep your college student's lips from cracking.

Non-Perishable Food

A college meal plan may suffice for big meals, but it's the small meals that matter to students that stay up late for extra study time. Send canned soups, soda crackers and boxed cookies. Breakfast items that can be prepared out of the box are also recommended.

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