Freshman Advice for Sharing Rooms and Bathrooms

Last Updated on May 23, 2023


When you start your college life, your experience in the dorm will likely vary from college to college. In most instances you will likely share a room with another person. In addition, you may share a bathroom or shower room with one or several other persons. Some schools have communal bathrooms and or shower rooms. For people new to this living arrangement, it is possible to bring out the communality and best in us.

Speaking from personal experiences, my freshman year I shared a bathroom with 3 other people. I thought that everyone had the same level of respect for personal property as I did. I also thought that everyone had the same level of thoughts regarding cleanliness. This can be the worst mistake you can ever make.

Another experience of college dorm life, is that you will find persons who are not that sociable or friendly. Even the best of friends experience conflicts. Nevertheless you must find away to make life tolerable. My advice is to secure your personal belongings, and be careful about sharing them. Most colleges now require dorm residents sign permission forms that detail what can be shared and not shared between roommates. Such items can include clothing, soap, food, beverages, and appliances. I learned the hard way when several of my personal items were ruined and my toothbrush was used, that it is best to never agree to share personal items.

When you share a communal bathroom, try setting up a cleaning schedule to keep the space clean. If successful, you can enjoy a clean and tidy space. Should your cleaning plan prove not successful, be prepared to have to clean and maintain the entire area.

Remember, cleanliness is a subjective concept – not everyone sees cleanliness in the same light. To be honest, it is best to be cautious with how you share your personal items. Adopting this personal policy will allow you and your roommate to avoid negative interpersonal issues and become life long friends.

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