Summertime: Upholding Your Fraternity or Sorority Chapter’s Brand

Summertime: Upholding Your Fraternity or Sorority Chapter's BrandSummer time is fun time but for student leaders summer is also prep time for the next academic year. Greeks can use summer to tighten up their chapters’ brands. Not that brand, by the way. I’m talking about your chapter’s image. Being conscious of the chapter’s brand while not in school is a good way to hold your frat brothers or sorors accountable and also a great way to figure out how to stay a step ahead of the competition.

How can you make that happen?

Make sure your brand reflects the fraternity’s or sorority’s brand.
One thing that annoys me is a chapter that puts itself above the fraternity or sorority. I don’t care if you’re a single-letter or Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta series chapter who believes your fraternity or sorority would not be what it is were it not for your chapter’s “legendary” existence. What would you be if your organization didn’t exist in the first place? Yes, great chapters make great organizations but pump your brakes and make sure you show up as an extension of your fraternity or sorority, not an exception to the organization.

Pay attention at your national convention or other leadership conferences.
The purpose of a convention is to provide organizational updates as well as development and networking opportunities to the membership. If you’re a delegate, you have a responsibility to your chapter to use that time to learn. And, hey, I was an undergrad once; so I understand not wanting to sit in long, boring meetings. That, however, is when the business of the fraternity or the sorority is conducted. Outside of meetings, use the time to network with (other) award-winning chapters to boost your chapter’s performance.

Our organizations spend a lot of time and money to provide this valuable opportunity for our chapters. Use the time wisely. Besides, the paraphernalia vendors will be there when you get out of your meetings. *smile*

Schedule meetings with the chapter leadership.
Consider scheduling occasional informal meetings to check on the brothers or sorors, or schedule meetings to tighten up plans for fall events. Make your meetings productive. Set goals and execute. Meeting just to meet is a thorough waste of everyone’s time. Another benefit is it can keep chapter members who are separated from everyone else connected.

Be a servant.
Volunteer! Not being is school doesn’t mean you have to take a break from service. Even if you decide to spontaneously participate in a community service project without your chapter members, wear your letters. Show the people you are serving that someone is always staying true to the servant leadership brand of the fraternity or sorority. An added benefit could be earning more respect from your college or university for representing them, as well.

Be mindful of your social media presence as if your alumni chapter were watching (because we are).
Summer means having lots of fun but it does not mean taking your personal ratchetness to another level on social media. You forfeited that privilege once you decided to wear a set of letters. You may be on vacation from academics but don’t take a common sense vacation. As an alumni brother, I make it a point to always represent myself in a way that does honor to my fraternity. As a frat brother or fellow Greek, I would hope that you realize the general public views the Divine Nine as one brand.

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