College Textbooks: Top 5 Ways To Cut Your Expenses

College Textbooks: Top 5 Ways To Cut Your ExpensesAre you looking for inexpensive college textbooks? Whether you’re taking English 101 or Advanced Cellular Biology, this guide will help you find the affordable options for your college classes.

Buy Used College Textbooks

College textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars each semester, leaving you with less money to enjoy your college experience. Instead of shopping for new textbooks, look for used copies through websites like, Textbooks Store,, or

When shopping for used books, make sure that you purchase the right edition by verifying the ISBN online. Your campus bookstore may also sell second-hand textbooks; call ahead to see if you can purchase used books at your university.

Try Using Online Textbooks

As laptops, tablets, and smart phones become regular fixtures in the classroom, students are using digital textbooks to save money on college expenses and save space in their messenger bags. You can access online textbooks on your computer or mobile device, and most copies come with note taking tools to help you keep track of your work.

To purchase online textbooks, visit Textbooks Store or Chegg to learn more about their platform and try sample chapters of your college textbooks.

Save Money With College Book Rentals

To save money on college textbooks, many students choose to rent instead of purchasing their own copies. College book rentals are affordable because they are temporary: at the end of each semester you have to send them back, undamaged and in many cases unmarked.

If you are an avid note taker, second-hand books and online textbooks will give you more flexibility during the school year. But if you want the most affordable books on the market, visit, Chegg or to rent college textbooks for the upcoming semester.

Sell Back Textbooks To Your Campus Bookstore

After the semester ends, millions of students are stuck with used textbooks that they will never use again. Instead of keeping them for a rainy day, many students decide to sell their textbooks back to their university.

Contact your campus bookstore and ask them if they have a program to buy back textbooks. If you would rather sell your books online, go to to compare websites that will buy back textbooks at a reasonable price.

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