College Homework Party: Stay Motivated with Friends

Three college students preparing for exams during a homework party.
There are very few students in the world who would actually say that they enjoy doing homework but unfortunately it is one of those things which has to be done if you want to succeed in your studies. Whether you find a topic easy or hard, whether it is a subject you excel in or struggle with, whether the piece of homework is a group task or meant to be done on your own the motivation problems are always there. But you might find that working with a group of friends is the answer to getting your homework done and done well.

If you fancy the idea of teaming up with a group of friends to have a homework party then here are some great tips to ensure you get the most out of your study time:

Not Too Many

Although we’ve used the word ‘party’, we don’t literally mean for you to have a party. At the very least you wouldn’t get much work done! Invite a maximum of 4 other people into your group to ensure that you don’t get too distracted with hanging out and chatting and actually concentrate on the assignment you are meant to be getting done.

Who to Invite

Although you might not be able to be too selective, it’s better if you can invite people you know are strong in the chosen subject. That way, if there is something you are struggling with then you have someone to ask. Likewise, you could invite someone you don’t know that well and make a new friend. Perhaps you could offer to help them in return doing homework for a class you know you are stronger in.

Set Up

If you are studying at someone’s home then set up a good study area which is big enough for everyone and their work without leaving people on top of one another. It’s a good idea to have some refreshment available (out of reach so it can’t get knocked over onto papers) and maybe some snacks to help keep energy and concentration levels up too.

Take Breaks

Make sure that you take regular breaks, just like you should if you are studying alone. This will help your focus and concentration and make it feel less boring. Just make sure you don’t get too distracted and that you actually get the work done. Setting an egg time or a stopwatch can help keep you on track and ensure that your breaks don’t run over too long.

Be Honest

Be honest with your friends if you are struggling with a particular class or even if you are just finding a certain piece of homework hard. If they are real friends they will be supportive and offer to help you; you might even find new tricks or tips you hadn’t considered before. In the same vein, don’t let anyone else do your homework for you. As tempting as it can be when you know someone is better at a certain subject than you are, you won’t be able to take any pride in the work and you won’t really learn anything either.

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