Whether you're applying for a scholarship or grant or to a particular college you wish to enroll in, it's important that you have a broad list of community services on your applications. Here's why:

Spark interest

Every year, thousands of students apply for scholarships or grants and in colleges. In order to catch the attention of those who are screening the applicants, you need to include in your application something interesting such as your list of community services. Not all applicants do this anymore, thinking their high grades are enough. Even if your grades aren't very impressive, you can still wow them with your love for your community.

Land scholarships or grants

Once the university or college is impressed with your list of community services they can award you a scholarship or grant which suits you best. They can offer a lot of privileges and even recommend you to some non-government organizations in the community that can help you pay for your college education.

Improve your chances

Good grades alone won't impress people like those who screen applicants for college and scholarships. You need to wow them with your community services. If you are an active member in your community, volunteers and supports projects, and at the same time contribute in the development of your community even in your own little way, these can guarantee your slot.

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