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Master skills for academic student success. Enhance time management, study strategies, and networking opportunities.

Do you know how to format your paper in APA Style? Or how to choose the right research methodology for your field of study? Have you ever submitted an article to an academic conference, or are you still working on the first draft of your paper for English 101?

Studies from Tufts University and the California State University System show that the vast majority of incoming college students are not ready to write a college-level research paper. If you are one of the 290,000 students that are enrolled at a historically black college or university, you should have access to all of the information that you need to write, edit, and publish a paper at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

HBCU Lifestyle has a detailed list of research paper resources, from databases that contain thousands of scholarly articles to grants that can help you pay for your research. Search for your major to get started!

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