7 Best Blog Sites to Learn About Black Greek Life

Seven of the Best Blog Sites to Learn About Black Greek LifeA great movement has been happening for those who want to learn about Black Greek life. Be still my beating heart, we have diverse voices providing information and insights about historically African American fraternities and sororities, particularly the Divine Nine. In fact, we can now search the internet for an actual body of research that has picked up steam since the mid-90s.

Several websites have caught my eye. Whereas we have seen material mostly dedicated to history and opinions on “how to pledge,” we now have a growing number of outlets that are serving as resources for news, discussion, and views about Black Greek life.

Progressive Greek

From the minute I logged on to this site, I felt like I was at home. Progressive Greek is a comprehensive resource for news about Divine Nine members and chapters across the country and beyond. As a veteran media man, Progressive Greek just makes my Divine Nine heart “SANG!” Founded by Kevin Davis, the site has recently undergone a beautiful makeover.

Black Greeks Speak

Marlon Smith, the founder of this site, saw a great opportunity to leverage the influence of Black Greek-letter organizations for social justice. He has also gone above and beyond to organize a robust network of board members and advocates to conduct social justice forums and meetings in various communities.

The Blog of Gregory Parks, J.D., Ph.D.

Here is a man who does not shy away from offering unpopular opinions about the state of the Divine Nine. Dr. Parks has even called for the dissolution of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. That said, I suggest you stay out of your feelings when you visit his blog. If his tone seems overly critical, it is because he examines how black fraternal networks intersect with the law. Regardless of how you may feel, you cannot knock the amount of research he has done and continues to do about Black Greek life.

DP Taught Me

This blog had me at “Greetings, DP!” Wait, am I even supposed to say that? Alexzandria Chill does a combination of blogs, weekly Periscopes, and speaking engagements to address leadership, mentorship, and personal and professional development among Black Greeks. Although she targets the younger end of the Black Greek spectrum, Alexz’s writing reaches a diverse group of Divine Nine members. I’ve actually spoken to her and Alexz is just as full of energy as her writing indicates.

Beyond This Place 

Two words for this site—visually stunning. Jarrad Henderson has a huge interest in documenting Black Greek life and there is a distinct air of brilliance about his work. Jarrad’s photography project is the beginning of what has to be a highly anticipated documentary. I’ve spoken to him and his passion for getting this project done is real because he is all about sending a positive message about the Divine Nine. Jarrad! What’s up? Make this thing happen, dude!

Watch the Yard

Jonathan Rabb started out offering stepping videos and I’ve watched hours of them like thousands of other people. The content, however, has shifted to including some really cool stories. In fact, Watch the Yard’s story about the Kappa alumni of Virginia State’s hefty donation to their alma mater was part of the inspiration for my starting a quarterly top 10 list of Divine Nine news stories here on HBCU Lifestyle. Watch the Yard has even begun collaborating with DP Taught Me.

Black Greek Success

Yes, I’m actually including my own site on this list. Don’t judge. The reason is I want to show folks how Divine Nine members’ skills have helped change the complexion–pardon the pun–of leadership in America. Aside from learning about my on-campus career presentation, visitors can check out a page dedicated to research about Black Greeks as well as a timeline that illustrates how members of the Divine Nine have influenced leadership in the nation.

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