Protect Your Tech and Other Things, Too: Anti-Theft Tips for College Students

Last Updated on November 2, 2016

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Every year, students from around the nation go off to college with several thousands of dollars worth of electronics and other personal property. Whether you're living in a dorm or campus apartment, you'll be in close proximity to other students you don't know very well. This means you'll have to take extra precautions to ensure that your belongings remain secure.

Here are some anti-theft tips for college students:

Lock Your Room

While this might seem obvious, it can be difficult to enforce when you have a roommate that doesn't take security as seriously as you do. Your roommate may not actually mean any harm, but being so trusting of others can leave you both vulnerable to theft. Discuss this with them ahead of time, before someone walks in and steals your best laptop for college.

Hide Your Valuables

Even if your doors are locked at all times, that's no reason to leave your valuables laying out in the open. In a college dorm situation, there's no telling who might walk through your room on any given day and there's little you can do to prevent them from stealing items that are left in plain sight. Although hiding your valuables is no guarantee against theft, it does make it harder for the thieves and may discourage them from looking any further.

Purchase a Small Safe

If this seems over-protective, consider that it's one of the best ways to secure expensive jewelry and important papers. Small fire safes can be purchased for less than $40, but you should also consider buying one that's heavy enough to not be easily picked up. Even if they do manage to get out the door with it, they won't get far before someone notices them carrying it down the hall.

Create Strong Passwords

When it comes to electronic devices, there's often more you can do than merely hiding them from prying eyes. They should also be set up in such a way that passwords are required to access their content and features. Without knowing the passwords, your devices are virtually useless to anyone who steals them. Remember to come up with strong passwords that involve numbers, letters and special characters to prevent someone who knows you well enough from figuring them out.

Purchase Renters Insurance

One of the simplest ways to regain your peace of mind as you struggle through another college school year is to purchase renters insurance. Depending on how much coverage you request and what types of items you're looking to cover, you might be able to get a decent plan for just a few dollars per month. This is often the safest way to secure your personal property. If something does get stolen, you're covered and all you have to worry about is paying your premium.

No matter where you are, your personal property is always at some risk for being stolen. Your college dorm is no exception, especially when it comes to expensive tech devices. Following the anti-theft tips above will help keep your belongings out of the hands of others.

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Aimee Kirk has seen four of her kids attend college and along the way has picked up some tips to help each of them on their way in life. She's passing on that knowledge in her articles.

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