3 Factors College Bound High School Students Must Overcome

Last Updated on October 6, 2016

An African American high school student choosing book at library.College is a great opportunity for young adults wanting to find their place in life. It’s such a big deal that parents will leave no stone unturned to see their kids graduate from a good university. Even in dire economic times, education is still a top priority among families. With every kid leaving for college comes the hope of having a brighter future.

High school students are generally excited to get into the daily grind of college life and get that diploma. But before all that, there are some issues that each high school student entering college should overcome.

Getting Into a Good School

The application process is moderately stressful to very stressful. Many universities are eager to get the cream of the crop of the high school graduating class and try to outdo each other when it comes to granting offerings and educational opportunities. But the thing is, the college application process is a national thing, and competition is stiff. A high school student may think he or she is a good fit in a certain university, but there will always be others coveting that spot.

Not every hopeful high school senior can get into the school he or she wants to go to. Sometimes, his or her grades don’t make the cut. Financial problems are also factors into whether or not the child can go to the school. While scholarship options are many and varied, the offer from a first choice school may be less than that offered by another school. The interval between sending the application and receiving a letter from the school can be a stressful time.

Leaving Home

The home is a student’s comfort zone. He has his own space and he can do his thing without worrying about dealing with strangers on a regular basis. Leaving home can be an exciting prospect for many, but there are students that would rather not leave even if it meant sacrificing their first college choice. The capability to become independent can be a primary deciding factor when choosing a school. The notion of leaving home may be a big issue, even if the student seems eager enough to attend college away from home.

Finding a Job After College

There will always be naysayers around telling you that college is a waste of time, and there aren’t that many jobs around for you anyway, diploma or no diploma. While the general notion is that a college education will do you good in the employment scene, students may be thinking about the college expenses and the potential return on their investment. After all, students may end up saddled with student loans that they need to pay back after graduation.

These are just a few of the many reasons why high school students are worrying about college, but these shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream of getting a college education.

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