Xerox Minority Scholarship Program for Technical Fields

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

Xerox Minority Scholarship Program: One male and two female minority scholarship recipients work together to solve a technical problem outside on a laptop.
Photo via the Xerox Corporation
The Xerox Corporation is committed to the academic success of all minority students. That’s why they are offering the Xerox Minority Scholarship to students who are enrolled in a technical degree program at the bachelor's level or above.

Program Eligibility

Applicants must be academic high-achievers (3.0 or better GPA). Applicants must be US citizens or visa-holding Permanent Residents of African American, Asian, Pacific Island, Native American, Native Alaskan, or Hispanic descent. They must be enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student in any of the following technical fields:

  • Chemistry
  • Information Management
  • Computing & Software Systems
  • Material Science
  • Printing Management Science
  • Laser Optics
  • Physics
  • Material Science
  • Engineering (Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Imaging, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Optical, or Software)

Scholarship Award

The Technical Minority Scholarship awards between $1,000 and $10,000 to qualified minorities.

How to Apply for the Xerox Minority Scholarship

To apply for the Technical Minority Scholarship Program, first begin by reviewing the following documents:

To complete the online application you will need:

  • Cumulative GPA (or high school GPA if a freshman)
  • Email address of the Financial Aid contact from the institution you will be attending as of September, 2016
  • Electronic version of your resume

Application Deadline

Deadline for submission of the complete application, including a resume, is September 30, 2016. Spouse and children of Xerox employees are not eligible for this program. Submit your online application to the Xerox Corporation.

Minority Scholarship FAQs

For more information or to get answers to frequently asked questions about applying for the Xerox Minority Scholarship visit the program's FAQ page.

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