What You Don’t Need To Pack For College

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

What You Don't Need To Pack For CollegePacking is such a time consuming task, no matter what you are doing it for. College can be extra stressful because it's your first time living on your own in your own environment. Take the time to make of list of what you need to bring to school. Remember not to over-pack because you are living with someone else too. Keep in mind while packing, there are things you shouldn't even bother bringing. Here's a list of things you should leave home from the start.


Very rarely will a college allow animals in your dorm. If you were that set on bringing a pet to campus, you should have considered one of the very few pet-friendly colleges. As sad as it may seem, you have to leave your dog, cat hamster, or other pet at home with your family. Most colleges allow you have a fish though, but you have to remember to take care of it.

If a fish isn't enough, consider looking into whether or not your college offers a Guiding Eyes for the Blind program. My college offered the program, and I was around students who raised dogs in their dorms. It was a very awesome experience to have on campus.  Even if your college doesn't offer the program, it doesn't mean you can't petition for it. There are other animal lovers on your campus and they would have your back. It's you college experience, make it worth it!

Your Ego

Remember this is a new place for you, as well as for everyone else. Your goal is to leave a great first impression on your new peers. If you leave a negative impression, you are likely to miss great opportunities to meet some amazing friends. Keep an open mind going to school, and you will gain some new friends that you will make amazing memories with.

Clothes You Haven't Worn In Years

Chances are, if you haven't worn your outfits since your last experience as a freshmen, you are not going to wear them in college. Pack the clothes you wear often. Extra clothes are going to take up unnecessary space and they are not likely to fit into your dresser or closet at school. Donate them before you leave and that way you no longer have to worry about the clothes.

Drugs and Alcohol

If you are a first year student, you are likely to be under the age of 21. Therefore, you shouldn't be drinking alcohol in the first place. Save yourself the trouble of getting written up at school for underage drinking. Getting written up usually results in fines that you will have to pay, and you can even get suspended from sports teams you are participating on for getting caught drinking.

Drugs should be out of the question. They are illegal for a reason, and you will get in bigger trouble at school for getting caught. It can even result from you getting kicked out of the school. Be smart about your actions.

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