Last Minute Must Haves for College

Last Updated on November 22, 2013

If you think you have everything packed for your trip, think again. Here are some last minute items you might want to bring along or purchase from a nearby store before you leave home for college.

A Token from Home

When you live long enough in the residence hall, you’ll realize that the excitement that comes with being a freshman lasts only until the first pangs of homesickness hit you like a hurricane. Having something that remind you of home, and the people rooting for you to succeed in college, can ease your longing and lessen your frustrations. This is the same reason why employees keep photos of kids and family members on their work desks. When there’s something around that keeps you motivated, you’re able to endure the stress of fending for yourself every single day.

A Sewing Kit
Beginning Sewing KitA sewing kit can save you from spending on clothes and new bedcovers. Inspect your clothes for damages before you start laundry. If you wash a shirt with a small tear, the damage will be greater when you take it out of the washer. If your clothes get damaged, you may not feel inclined to buy more especially if you’re short on cash. Having a sewing kit around to take care of small fashion emergencies can help you look decent in college without having to spend a lot on replacements.

Food Keepers

Food Storage ContainersMulti-purpose food keepers are great to have, especially if your relatives feel compelled to send homemade food that you miss so much. When you’re not using these containers, they can double as storage bins for small items. You can use them to store leftovers if you have a ref, and they should be small enough to bring along anywhere. Having a way to store food when it’s plentiful can help with the daily expenses.

Laundry Net

Mesh Lingerie Delicates Wash BagLaundry nets are different from laundry bags because the nets go into the washer along with the rest of the laundry. Underwear and delicate clothing items should be placed in the laundry net for protection against snagging and tearing. Hooks, Velcro and metallic buttons could damage the fine silk or nylon pieces. If your delicate items are washed together inside a net, there’s less chance of this happening. These nets are available in department stores, usually in the same place where they sell the laundry bags.

Old High School Textbooks

If you have an old math textbook that helped you understand more concepts than your teacher, bring that along. College math is perceived as a much tougher version of high school math only because the professor thinks you know most of the principles before you entered college. Having a familiar resource with you can help you refresh your memory for subjects like math, fundamental physics and chemistry.

Permanent Marker

Jumbo Permanent MarkerWhile you respect others and their properties, not everyone is inclined to leave an untagged container of delicious Brie cheese alone. When you live with others, there’s no easier way to create tension than pointing fingers and calling someone else a thief, especially if you don’t have proof. If you have a marker with you, however, you can mark your stuff so that it’s less tempting to steal.

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