Janet Jackson Scholarship: Up to $5,000 for Communications Majors

Last Updated on May 26, 2023

The Janet Jackson Scholarship is for students at HBCU UNCF member institutions who are Communication Majors.Celebrities are not some aliens who live in a fairytale world and are out there just to entertain us. Many of them happily oblige to their social responsibilities by supporting us for a change! Singer-songwriter Janet Jackson is one of those celebrities who love to be a catalyst in bringing change. She runs many charities and Janet Jackson/Rhythm Nation Scholarship – UNCF is one of them. The prestigious Janet Jackson Scholarship offers a grant to students attending selected UNCF member colleges and universities. The deserving students have to be studying Communications, demonstrate high academic achievement, and have to be actively involved in community work.

Jackson launched this scholarship besides other educational programs with the earnings of her hugely successful Rhythm Nation tour. Individual students can get up to $5,000 depending on their financial need and other required criteria. However, the scholarship does not only provide monetary help but also offers plenty of other perks.

Communications Majors

Only the students studying Communications can apply for the Janet Jackson Scholarship. However, it also accepts applicants from other majors such as Fine Arts, Visual Arts, English, Education, Mass Communications, Mass Media Arts, Journalism, Photography/Video, Music, and TV Production.

The scholarship requires some other eligibility criteria too. Besides doing major in the above-mentioned subjects, the applicants must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. national, or permanent resident
  • Be students of a UNCF-affiliated college or university
  • Have a minimum GPA score of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Belong to a Black racial group

In addition, no high school students can apply for this scholarship.

Guidelines for Janet Jackson Scholarship Essay

All the applicants must submit a 1000-word essay in addition to fulfill an online form. The essay describes their favorite literary work and its artistic influences on their personal and social life and their HBCU experience.

The literary work can be anything – encompassing a broad range of books, movies, artistic work, music, and even favorite quotes. All they have to do is to produce a well-thought and well-organized piece that concisely describes why they have taken an interest in that particular work, how it influences their life in a meaningful way, and how such artistic influences are likely to shape up their development at an HBCU.

To submit the application and essay, you have to register at UNCF website. However, you can check out a preview of the student application form.


Founded in 1944, UNCF or the United Negro College Fund is the largest and most prominent minority education organization in the United States. The organization has been working for more than seven decades to assist the students of 37 private HBCUs with scholarship funds. It has raised more than $4.5 billion and helped over 430,000 black students to date. It manages the Janet Jackson Scholarship that helps HBCU students to bear their college expenses.

The 37 HBCUs belonged to the UNCF network provide students first-class education at comparatively lesser tuition fees. UNCF regularly provides financial and other types of support to these colleges and universities so that they can provide world-class academic programs and keep their tuition affordable.

The Janet Jackson Scholarship is currently open for the applicants. The opening date was September 6, 2016, and the deadline is October 31, 2016. Winners will receive funds in November this year.

For more information or to apply visit: https://scholarships.uncf.org/Program/Details/587050a3-622e-4853-b0f4-8ee9edf2dcf1

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