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Last Updated on May 26, 2023

 A male student applies for the HBCU CONNECT Minority Scholarship Program online while sitting in the campus library.
Photo credit: Norfolk State University
HBCUCONNECT.COM has recently announced the HBCU CONNECT Minority Scholarship Program for HBCU students. The scholarship program makes available several $1,000.00 scholarships for minority applicants who attend or plan to attend a Historically Black College or University. The scholarship can be applied to tuition or books for the semester in which the funds are received (typically within 3 weeks of the submission date).

HBCU CONNECT is the largest student and alumni organization of Historically Black College and University supporters on the planet. Founded in 1999, they have given away thousands in scholarship dollars to deserving college students. HBCU CONNECT is dedicated to keeping HBCU students and graduates connected with each other and with opportunities for advancement.

They raise and disburse scholarship funds from our non-profit arm “The HBCU Foundation, Inc.” which is a certified 501c(3) organization.

HBCU CONNECT Minority Scholarship Program Eligibility:

  • Students currently enrolled or planning to enroll into any Historically Black College or University within 6 months of submission deadline.
  • All Graduating High School Seniors or Transfer students, and Current HBCU students must show proof of enrollment.

Scholarship Instructions:

  • You, the applicant, are responsible for completing and submitting all information required.
  • Submit an essay answering the following questions (maximum 350 words):
    1. Why did you choose to attend an HBCU?
    2. How will attending the HBCU you chose help you meet your future goals in life personally and professionally?

  • Carefully review your entire essay before submitting it.
  • Notification throughout the application process will be by email.
  • Students who fail to use a valid active email address or who fail to check the email account regularly may eliminate themselves from consideration.

Scholarship Disbursement:

Scholarships are awarded to recipients for one academic year. The scholarship will cover up to $1,000.00 of the student's tuition or books for the current academic year as posted by the financial aid office of the university or college. The scholarships are made through the designated school and are not transferable to other academic institutions. The funds are to be used for tuition or books only and may not be used for other costs on the recipient's bursar bill.

To apply for the HBCU CONNECT Minority Scholarship visit Next Deadline: August 1st, 2016 (check the HBCU CONNECT website for future deadline updates).

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