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Latest Happenings at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

There are more than 100 historically black colleges and universities (also known as HBCUs) across the country, each born during a time when the doors of the nation’s most prestigious universities were firmly shut to minorities.

Years later, these schools stand tall as icons of minority higher education, producing some of the nation’s most successful black professionals. Historically black colleges and universities all have shared history and goals, but they’re far from the same – and keeping up with them can be a challenge.

Let HBCULifestyle be your guide to each of the nation’s unique historically black colleges and universities. We offer diverse news that’s fresh, accurate and keeps you up to date on your favorite black colleges. Make important academic decisions using our guides to HBCU rankings and top HBCU education programs. Gain inspiration from our features on HBCU alumni making a difference. Or find important dates for events at your favorite historically black colleges and universities.

News out of black colleges is as diverse as the schools themselves. Look to HBCU Lifestyle to keep you in the know.

An aerial shot of the famed Legion Field in Birmingham, AL during the halftime show. Alabama State University’s Band is performing on the field in front of a packed stadium.

HBCU Rankings: Top 5 Football Classics by Attendance 2013

The 2013 black college football season has been nothing short of crazy both on and off the field. The unexpected firing of Grambling’s legendary head coach Doug Williams, which lead to a player boycott of the Grambling state – Jackson State football game. That protest lead to Grambling forfeiting of Jackson State’s homecoming game. At

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Illustration of a young African American female college student sorting her social network of friends and professional contacts.

College Networking: Tips for Leveraging Your Contacts

Great things happen when you cultivate the contacts in your network. Collecting contact information is one thing. Leveraging the relationships you develop takes cultivation. That means communicating in a genuine, relevant way instead of worrying about the number of people in your phone or your social media followers. The key is to be thoughtful about

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