Improving Academic Performance with Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a thought organization and generation methodology that combines the visual, memory and problem solving thought functions into diagram form. That diagram is known as a mind map and can include any number of individualized images and thoughts necessary for a student internalize concepts, information or ideas.

What does a Mind Map Do?

A mind map represents information, ideas, tasks and other related concepts that are all focused around a central word, phrase or idea, and it does so by combining visual images with crucial text and other information. The map is structured with the central key word, phrase or idea in the middle of the map.

How is a Mind Map Constructed?

Elements and concepts of importance to the study or creative process regarding the central idea are arranged on the map based on their importance to the concept. They are organized into groups, areas and branches, representing their connections to one another and the central or core concept.

How is a Mind Map Constructed

Mind map of the mind map guidelines by Nicoguaro

Mind maps can be created by hand, with pen and paper, chalk and chalkboards, or markets and whiteboards. Mind mapping software and applications are becoming increasingly common and are now used in businesses, classrooms and by individual workers and students on a daily basis. No matter how the map is created, it should be adjustable, as a mind map is intended to expand and grow with time, ensuring it truly represents the core and related concepts it’s intended to illustrate.

How can a Mind Map be Used?

Mind mapping allows students to draw on all aspects of their intellectual and creative abilities simultaneously. The process of creating a mind map helps them commit information to memory, allows them to visualize concepts and the manner in which they relate to one another, and enhances creative thinking and problem solving skills as students determine the best methods for illustrating and organizing their mind map.

The Benefits of Using Mind Mapping

[messagebox title=”Improving Memory for Test Taking”] The process of creating a mind map helps students commit information to memory. The ability to customize the map and include visual triggers within the diagram, like small illustrations and graphics, makes it easier to recall information later.[/messagebox]

[messagebox title=”Enhancing Critical Thinking”] Determining the structure of the map, its layout and the overall organization of the information it contains builds critical think abilities and improves problem solving skills.[/messagebox]

[messagebox title=”Boosting Intelligence and Creativity”]Utilizing all thought functions simultaneously, including creative and rational thinking, allows students to expand their overall thinking ability and train themselves to think more robustly in the future. They eliminate the single method of approaching a concept or idea and instead employ multiple thought processes by using mind mapping tools.[/messagebox]

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