3 Things to Look For During Your College Visit

3 Things to Look For During Your College Visit

If you qualify for several colleges, you are in a good position to choose which college is best for you. Come up with a list of potential schools with the help of your college counselor and choose a few you want to visit. Never rely on pretty brochures to inform you about a college. There are trivial but important things that you will discover by visiting the college yourself. When you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few colleges, schedule a visit.


Invest your time in doing some research about a college’s reputation. Don’t simply depend on hearsay when trying to figure out the strengths of the college you want to go to. Study the alumni roster of the schools in your list and find out if there’s a common denominator among the graduates of a particular college.

While you’re in the college, pay close attention to the laboratory and athletic facilities, as well as the library. How good and well-maintained these facilities are tell of the specialization of a college. Some schools are known for their preparatory programs for students that want to pursue medicine, law and other terminal degrees. Some schools invest a huge chunk of their resources on athletics. Some schools continue to acquire the best and most modern equipment for their technical courses.

Good College Meal Plan

Does it seem strange to judge how good a college is by the food that they serve? If you’re choosing between several colleges and you’re on the fence about making a decision, maybe the food they serve in their dining halls can sway you in the right direction. A college student needs all the help he can get when it comes to sustenance. This is particularly true if you have food allergies or you’re under a special diet because of a health condition. Most college cafeterias serve good food, but some take the extra step to make sure that students with special nutrition needs are satisfied.

Sense of Community

A friendly environment made up of independent and self-motivated student can make a difference. The people you will be interacting with in your new school can help or deter you from your goal of finishing college successfully. Being with people who are as positive about their future as you are will help you find your groove when it comes to studying and keep you from feeling burned out.

Grab a copy of the student paper and find clues on how students support each other. Take time to stop in front of community message boards in the residence halls and academic buildings to find out what students are saying. There are so many tell-tale signs of satisfaction or dissatisfaction that you can detect from the way students communicate with their peers through the message board. Student activities also do a lot to contribute to the learning environment in the school, especially the ones that are significant in increasing a student’s social awareness. Clue in on the ambiance in residence halls to find out whether you’ll feel comfortable living there.

Photo Courtesy of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

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